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Tree Shrub Program

The Smith’s Tree and Shrub program is designed to minimize insect and disease activity on your valuable landscape plants while focusing on overall plant health with proper fertilization. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to ensure the plants are properly planted, watered and pruned.

Visit #1 Dormant Oil:

This treatment involves the application of horticultural oil designed to kill over wintering insect eggs and fungal spores on your plants. This visit can be applied when air temperatures are above freezing in January until leaf break in April.

Visits #2-6 Tree/Shrub Treatments:

With visits 2 through 6 we apply a liquid systemic insect control and fungicide to your trees and shrubs as needed. The treatments are spaced five to six weeks apart, weather permitting, April through November. The treatment in late fall will be targeting your evergreens.

Tree and Shrub Fertilization Spring or Fall:

A balanced Deep Root Fertilization is completed once per season. A liquid slow release fertilizer with soil and root stimulant products will be injected with a twelve inch soil probe around the root zone of your Ornamental Trees and Shrubs. You will be scheduled for either a spring or fall feeding depending upon when you start the program. Spring Feedings are done typically February through April and Fall Feedings are done October through mid December.

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